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To become a member of a donation to New Media Works is required. The membership list (like all membership lists) is first ordered by donation amount, then by seniority. (full details are available @ )

Once you have made a donation (NOTE: Please mention the domain name of YOUR SITE in the message field -- otherwise, see below), then you can fill in the following application form:

After completing donation, copy / fill out / send email to sales "at" online "dot" de.

Subject: application (please copy this into the email subject field)

Body: please copy (and fill in) the following lines into the email body field

Domain name: (optional - not necessary if provided during donation payment; otherwise, you MUST provide information that will undeniably link your donation to your application)
URL of image file: (optional - not necessary if provided as attachment)
URL of target link: (optional - not necessary if homepage / root URL)

Please make sure your application information is complete. Any / All applications with incomplete information cannot be approved. Information about applications which do not pass approval may be added to blacklists and may be blocked for some time.